Our Products

All of our products are 100% non-toxic, VOC Free, and made in the USA.

  • VOC Free Acrylic-Chalk Paints
  • Varnish
  • Liquid Wax
  • Shimmers
  • Specialty Products

Acrylic-Chalk Paints

Terra Bella acrylic-chalk paints give a velvety smooth flat look with incredibly rich colors. There is no need to sand or prime before painting a clean surface with our paints. Our paints can be sprayed or rolled with a foam roller as well as brushed. We recommend thinning with 20% water when spraying or rolling.
Our acrylic-chalk paints are pure and thick, yet easy to apply with a damp brush. This flat paint leaves a smooth matte finish when dry, which can be distressed. Our paints come in 29 beautiful colors and adhere to almost any surface including furniture, canvas, wood, glass, metal, plastic, tin, tile, ceramic, formica, countertops or plexiglass and more.Terra Bella Protect & Seal Varnish or Liquid Wax can be applied to the finished surface for protection that will last for years.No VOC, Non-toxic, Crib Safe, Conforms to ASTM D6886, Made in the USA

Protect & Seal

Protect & Seal finishes are used to seal your furniture or craft project after you’ve applied your last coat of paint. Completely non-toxic and VOC Free, our Protect & Seal products won’t emit any toxins or off gas into your home. You can also use Protect & Seal products to seal in odors and existing stains before you paint.


Our shimmers are metallic paints and glazes. Mix these with your Varnish or Liquid Wax to give a pearlescent look to your finish, or mix them with 50% water and apply over your entire piece to give it a beautiful iridescent look. Our favorite application of shimmers is to use them on old, dingy hardware to give it a beautiful metallic finish. Our VOC free shimmers can be used in numerous ways and require no sanding or priming. You should seal shimmers with a Protect & Seal matte, satin or gloss Varnish to protect your finished piece.

Specialty Products

We want to provide you with a complete line of VOC free and non-toxic product options, so we are excited to offer some amazing products for all sorts of crafts: